About us

Media Crush is a global leader in providing Canadian and Australian immigration and consulting companies’ sales and marketing services. We focus on telephone sales and digital marketing services to these immigration consulting companies.

Our team, consists of sales agents and customer service professionals who assist immigration consultants to connect and offer their services to thousands of customers worldwide, to immigrate to Canada or Australia.
Our digital marketing services assist our customers to acquire new clients. These services include:

• Creating and maintaining website
• Designing effective landing pages
• Managing social media
• Developing, running and monitoring paid campaigns

Media Crush believe in two main values – professionalism and a fun environment.
We are a global leader in our industry due to maintaining high standards and having a high work ethic. Each team member takes pride in their work and is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients. We offer many career opportunities and we are always looking for talented people looking to join and grow with us.
However, high professional standards does not mean we have a rigid work environment. On the contrary, we believe happy employees are most likely to become valuable team members. True to this philosophy, we hold office parties (in and out of the office) and celebrate special events together.

Media Crush offers an exciting work environment, above average pay,. Thinking about joining us? Visit our Careers Page to see our open positions.


Our sales team consists of hundreds of multi- lingual telemarketers. We assist thousands of people from all over the globe, every day, taking steps to acquire Canadian or Australian visas.

Legal Support

Our customers are licensed immigration consultants in Australia and Canada. If you require assistance in the matter, we’ll be happy to refer you to our clients.

Media and Marketing

We create and maintain websites, landing pages, affiliate programs, paid campaigns, social media pages and more. We market immigration consulting services in over 200 countries.

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